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The emergence

Wim and Marjolein Oskam's orchard is located just outside the village of Werkhoven, along the river Kromme Rijn. They have owned this orchard for 28 years. After Wim and Marjolein's children successfully sold cherries door to door in the village, they decided to open a cherry stand. In the cherry season, which runs from June to August, Werkhovenseweg 19b is a busy address. Customers come from far and wide for the delicious cherries and strawberriesWim Oscam Fruit to fetch. But cyclists and walkers also like to stop to eat fresh fruit under the old standard trees. The cherry stand has expanded over the years. You can not only get cherries and strawberries, but also own apples, pears, asparagus, eggs, ice creams from Merels ice cream (made locally in Werkhoven), potatoes from Wims brother Co and Schulp juices, made from their own apples! cherry season, the fruit machine is also open.

Because Wim is brimming with ideas and likes to let others enjoy life in the orchard, the idea started to live with him to start a camper place. Are you enthusiastic become?Then take a look what to do nearby orbook already a spot!

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About the Kersenpit motorhome

Camperplaats de Kersenpit has eleven camper pitches and overlooks the orchard and meadows. The Krommerijnpad, a walking path along the Krommerijn that runs from Wijk bij Duurstede to the center of Utrecht, is a 5-minute walk away. If you take a walk on the grounds, you will encounter various farm animals. Chickens, ducks, peacocks, cats, alpacas and our sweet dog Mira. During the week we are hard at work, so there is plenty to see at our campsite. But of course you can also sit in peace in front of your camper or explore the area. Onthis page you will find a number of attractions in our area. 


The camper place has a men's and women's toilet and a shower and sink. There is also the possibility to empty your chemical toilet, there is 8 ampere electricity available per camper and you can tap water.

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